PageRank is BACK!!!

Last Updated: September 26th, 2017
By Adam Bilter

PageRank is back for 2017! Technically it never went away, it was just not publicly reported by Google anymore. PageRank is back for 2017 thanks to the Open PageRank initiative.

That’s where can come in handy. We are now reporting the open source PageRank number which provides the same simple 1 to 10 ranking that website owners around the world have come to know and trust for years! Plus our new cPR metric will be the latest authority number (0.00 to 10.00) that weighs together other important ranking metrics with our proprietary algorithm, much like Google has been doing, to come up with a number much like what the old PageRank used to be. So you will still be able to see how your site is ranking against similar sites so you can optimize it to get the best ranking and gain more traffic. The best thing is, you can keep coming back to check on your progress and know that you’ll get the most accurate results because we use several metrics to calculate your cPR Score and provide you with the most precise results possible to help you improve your website.

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