Link Building in 2017

Last Updated: February 2nd, 2017
By Adam Bilter

While the definition of link building has long been the same, the process of acquiring the links has changed greatly. Being able to explore an underground park or travel from place to place on the beloved hoverboard scooters are opportunities that have arisen in the last year alone, and among these changing times is the seemingly-endless world of link building in search engine optimization (SEO).
That being said, it’s time to rethink the strategies currently in place to ensure that the significant changes in the world of link building do not put websites in the position of a possible penalty.
Link building is the process of getting external websites to link to a page on a website where the links are crawled by a search engine. These links are then factored into the search engine’s ranking algorithms to help decide the ranking of the site. So how has link building changed?

By Becoming Much More Personal
Link building has come a long way over the past few years with search engines, like Google, constantly changing the way they rank and de-rank websites in the search results. Many of the old link building best practices should be avoided in 2017.
The biggest one is filling the web with irrelevant links to a website. This ends up hurting more than helping and yet it is still a strategy being widely used. This gives link building itself a bad name. But this is changing.
Since link building has shifted into a more legitimate SEO practice, search marketers have granted it the aforementioned names like “link earning”, because websites must be able to earn the links they desire.

Websites Matters Now More Than Ever
With the rise of personalization in link building due to Google’s perceived ranking requirements, websites now MUST offer linkable assets. These assets are pages on a website that serve as a value proposition for the website as a whole.
It is also equally important to ensure the site is valuable to the search engines themselves. Building links to a website that is useless to a user and/or a search engine will have little-to-no positive effect on the link building campaign as a whole.
Link building has constantly evolved throughout its lifetime, and if the past is any indicator of the future, the next few years will be a wild ride in the world of link building.

It will be highly important to stay ahead of the curve and implement link building’s new practices as they are born. Check back with for the latest.

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